Monday, February 1, 2021

I love design. Design of any kind. I love fashion, home design, interior design, event decor, and graphic design just to name a few. I love to play with colors, what they mean and how we interact with them. I love working on a design concept. What am I trying to say with my outfit? What would I like people to feel when they enter my home? What experience should guests have at our event? And, something that all businesses should think about, is what would I like my customer to learn about my business through my logo?

Your logo is your first impression.Your customer should understand who you are through your logo. When we started Kesh Marketing, we used words like organic, fresh, and thriving, so, I instantly saw the color green. I saw growth and warmth. I saw two women who were starting with something small with the hopes of creating a thriving network. That’s when I started sketching the design for our logo. The two leaves represent the first growth of our business, the two of us and the green in our logo represents the organic growth of what we were creating and continue to cultivate.

Yes, you can use online, free logo generators but what does that say about your business? Will your customer learn who you are? What will their first impression be? Hiring a marketing firm to design your logo means that your business will be heard and seen. Even the simplest logos, if done with intention, have a big impact. I read an article about the Google logo and their color scheme. Have you ever noticed that they use primary colors except that the “l” is colored green? Well, that is because Google wants their users to know that “Google doesn’t always follow the rules.” It’s simple, just their name with different color letters but, their attention to detail makes their simple logo one of the most recognizable in the world.

Your business also shouldn’t be afraid to modernize your logo over time. I’m not talking about a huge overhaul of the logo but slight changes that will make sure your customer knows that you are keeping with the times. That you are aware of the changing needs of your customer or user. Again, Google has not remained completely the same. They have modernized their font over time and are currently on their 7th iteration of their logo. Don’t be afraid of change!

— Stephanie