The Mission and Vision

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Wow, if you would have asked us a year ago, if we saw ourselves owning our own business by January 2021, we probably would have laughed and said maybe one day! Then 2020 happened and we needed to start thinking outside the box.

Stephanie and I have spent most of our careers making connections. If you know us, you have probably at some point received a slightly crazy call asking you to donate an exceptionally large quantity of eggs for a tea party, dress up as Santa, or even deliver wine on your Harley Davidson Motorcycle. When we start a conversation off with “now this might sound a little crazy but…”, just know that our best and most successful plans have all started out as a crazy idea.

Kesh Marketing is the same… a crazy idea that we had to bring businesses, individuals, and nonprofits together to support their community. As children of small business owners, we knew from day one that we wanted to focus locally. We understand the importance of a thriving community. We understand the importance of thriving nonprofits. We understand the importance of a thriving small business sector. We understand the importance of a thriving network. We most importantly understand the importance of a thriving family. We set out to create something that would bolster all these things in an organic and meaningful way and built our mission and vision to reflect it.

Our mission is to build a value based, thriving network.

Our vision is to see empowered employers & non-profits making meaningful connections within their community.

We know the amount of work that goes into fundraising for a worthy cause or running a business. We also know that unintentionally marketing falls to the bottom of most priority lists. This happens usually because you are just too busy, or you do not know where to even start. And often times you receive a cold call from a giant marketing company who is throwing words at you like “google analytics” or “SEO” and trying to fancy talk their way into your business. That is not how we want to work. We want a meaningful relationship with our clients and to work in partnership with them to achieve their goals, to be value based and to see our community thrive.

Let us get to know your business and help you make the meaningful connections you need to keep your organization thriving.

– Kelli